Today marks the beginning of my journey into blogging. While I currently keep a journal, I’ve realized that most of what I write down isn’t private and could be useful to people.

As my time at Oregon State University comes to a close, I’m realizing there’s still a lot of skills I’d like to learn. One of those skills is to become a writer. Not a professional writer, but someone who controls the English language well and is comfortable putting thoughts to paper. I don’t expect that keeping a blog will turn me into Jack Kerouac, but it should force me to polish my writing to the point that I’m comfortable with the entire Internet having access to it.

Additionally, while I’m not opposed to working for a company, I hugely enjoy being in control of my own time. It’s my intent after finishing college to see how long I can survive as a freelancer on the road. If I can make it work, I think my experiences would be worthwhile reading for others.

Finally, I’ve been learning a lot of cool stuff recently, from figuring out how to use vim as my primary text-editor (I’m writing this blog post with it!), to diving into parsing theory and using OCaml in a side-project I intend to implement over the summer (more about that later).

My hope is that this blog will help me record what I learn and stay true to my goals. Expect book reviews, tutorials, photography, thoughts, rants. If you find my posts interesting or learn something meanwhile, that’s just icing on the cake.